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Tick and Flea Control

Ticks and Fleas are a persistent pest that can make life unbearable for pets and pet owners. Your pet may potentially carry these pests into your home but may also enter the home even if you don’t own a pet. There are many cases where fleas and ticks may attach themselves to your clothing and be brought into your home. They love pets but will take a bite out of you as well. They feed on blood and are difficult to get rid of as they have four developmental stages. Dave's Pest Service is ready to attack all four stages of their life with our 2-step service to eliminate these biting pests from your home or yard.

What Attracts Fleas and Ticks?

Thin, dry skin is the perfect target for fleas and ticks. This is why in some cases, even after a pet has been relieved of the pests, their raw, damaged skin remains open as an invitation for further problems. Essentially, body warmth, vibrations (blood flow), and carbon dioxide are the three biggest factors to consider when determining what attracts ticks and fleas to a host. Sadly, this makes most living creatures and unavoidable target. That’s why if you notice a tick or flea problem in your home, It’s not going to go away on its own.

Stop the scratching and rely on the experts at Dave's Pest Service for an effective solution.

Keep Your Home Tick and Flea-Free with Dave's Pest Control

Your pets and family deserve to live a peaceful, healthy life that isn’t interrupted with the painful bites of fleas and ticks. While we can help you get your home pest-free, we do encourage you to ensure that your pets are on a regular treatment in order to help keep their coats off-limits. If you know you need help from Dave's Pest Service, we have the experience to provide a much-needed solution. Contact us today to get your home on our schedule for tick and flea control.

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